On the invitation of the Isle of Wight councils development department, Portsmouth School of Architectures’ Master of Architecture programme have contributed to research informing the islands regeneration strategy by engaging in investigation of the island’s economic, social and environmental spatial design.

This research project, with an emphasis on resilience in response to climate change, was launched, and the programme developed and co-ordinated by Walter Menteth and Francis Graves, lecturers at the Portsmouth School of Architecture, from 2017.

Through documentary, physical and spatial analysis and research study has developed, tested and posited social, environmental and economic development proposals, through architectural design strategies that deliver long term regeneration, improvement and betterment.

An aim has been to extend knowledge, explore opportunities and identify potential, while raising public and stakeholder awareness so that qualitative improvement can be informed, supported and promoted; whilst advancing design propositions having both local and global application in response to climate change.

Three waterfront towns, each at risk from climate change induced rises in sea level, where initially selected for investigation. With each town explored by three separate collaborative teams.

COWES (from October 2018)

Public Consultation

At the well attended ‘1st Harbour Workshop‘ interim proposals for Newport Quay were presented in 2017, eliciting favourable responses whilst allowing design iteration.

1st Harbour Workshop public consultation 14 Nov. 2017

Isle of Wight Regeneration Conference

At the Annual 2018 Isle of Wight Regeneration Conference summary findings were presented to a wide stakeholder group, covering Ryde, Newport Quays and Shanklin Spa by Walter Menteth and Francis Graves on 19 July 2018.

Public Exhibition

A public exhibition was held of the research and final design proposals covering Ryde frontage, Newport Quays and Shanklin Spa, together with BA3 student designs for central Newport, at 30 High St., Newport from 19 July 2018, which due to demand was subsequently extended through August


On The Wight reporting on ‘The story behind Isle of Wight regeneration vision by Architecture Masters students’ is available HERE (external link).


Simon Perry editor of ‘On The Wight‘, interview with Walter Menteth – discussing the research programme, purpose, background, process and findings can be listened to HERE

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