This masterplan proposes a strategy for developing the town as a bespoke ‘wellness hub’ for the Isle of Wight.

Shanklin is a seaside resort dependent on tourism, but has been in long term decline. It has two distinct parts – an upper level town and a beach frontage at the base of its sea cliff. The upper town is the current terminus of the island railway which is 30mins walk from the historically renown beach which has constrained vehicular and pedestrian access. The beach frontage is highly vulnerable to inundation and coastal squeeze from climate change induced rises in sea level yet remains a major visitor attraction and economic mainstay.

Flexible community led incremental enhancements to the upper town are proposed to provide welcoming upgrades to the landscape, public realm and retail environments, to improve capacity and amenity for visitors and residents.

An inhabited coastal defence dyke with 350m groyne-pier is proposed to secure and improve a new, restored and car free frontage. A Hotel Spa, new village quarter (at the northern access and developed over underground parking) and cliff walks (with glam-camping pods) to improve the fronts connectivity to the upper town are proposed along the front, to take advantage of sea views. These interventions help secure the towns future and prosperity.


Portsmouth University masters of architecture students:

Tania Akbari

Jamie Fall

Rozilyn John

Jesso Matthews

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© Island City Papers